Welcome to Typhoon Defence UK, home to the Typhoon product range.

Our product range consists of semi-automatic magazine fed shotguns which are built from the ground up as a shotgun, then wrapped in an AR platform.

Our best selling product is the Typhoon F12. The F12 is a 12 gauge box fed semi-automatic shotgun which holds either 5 or 10 cartridges. Standard specs are 3″ chamber with 24″ barrel, 5 interchangeable chokes with a gas system set up for high or low load cartridges.

The F12, has an AR style platform with adjustable stock and adjustable cheek piece, this enables the user to set the shotgun up to their specific needs. The F12 is made from titanium and aluminum and has a cerakote finish for durable wear.

The Typhoon has been built from the ground up with practical shooting in mind and has various add-ons which are standard or can be purchased to help you achieve a better time on the range.

These include: Extended bolt release to allow you to use your right hand to release the bolt, this in turn shaves seconds when it matters, Extended flared magwell to help guide your magazines into the well with minimal effort and time, and an ambidextrous safety lever for those stages when you have to shoot weak hand.

All these additions are designed to help the shooter maximise their time and concentrate on what really matters. For more information please contact your local dealer.

– Typhoon Defence UK

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